Friday, December 14, 2007

BB-39 ARIZONA Memories

During the 1930s two of the ship’s junior officers were Ensigns Rufus Taylor* and Jackson Arnold, not long out of the Naval Academy. Half a century later, Arnold, by then a four-star admiral, recounted a time the two had gone ashore together in Panama. They stumbled onto a game of chance, and Arnold soon lost half his $20 cash supply while rolling dice. He was ready to quit, but his friend, who had been roaming around the room, encouraged him to keep on shooting. Arnold did, and he lost the remaining $10. He was thoroughly disgusted when he confronted Taylor, who—to Arnold’s amazement—gave him $60 as his share of winnings. “Where did you get that?” asked Arnold. Taylor smoothly replied, “Look, you are probably the worst crap shooter in the world. I’ve been betting against you ever since you’ve been rolling.” Another voice from the Arizona. - Paul Stillwell


* Rufus Taylor, later Vice Admiral, USN Intelligence

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